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May 12, 2012 Pickups

* surface "Saa(Now!)" feat. Haruka by ChivasP

surface "Saa(Now!)" feat. Haruka

surface "Saa(Now!)" feat. Haruka (02:06)

2012-05-10 Posted
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ChivasP shows us Haruka's various faces in this movie. We guess you become a fan of Haruka if you aren't now.

* spitz "Fujimi no Venus" feat. Haruka, Azusa and Ritsuko by SeptumP

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Dances of three idols on a beach stage deliver a refreshing feeling. You are looking forward to a summer beach, aren't you?

* KITAMURA Eri "Happy Girl" feat. Hibiki, Miki, Haruka, Azusa and Takane by mknP

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A resplendent atmosphere of this work makes you happy. mknP jammed many highlights into his/her video, so don't blink your eyes until the last scene. Enjoy!

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