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Jun 02, 2012 Pickups

* AMAMI Haruka and KISARAGI Chihaya "Star tiara" by WataridoriP and YurineP

AMAMI Haruka and KISARAGI Chihaya "Star tiara"

AMAMI Haruka and KISARAGI Chihaya "Star tiara" (06:25)

2012-06-02 Posted
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Here comes a monumental work into the manual vocaloid category of the NicoM@S Community. WataridoriP is the composer and lyricist for this song "Star tiara" and had Haruka and Chihaya song it with manual vocaloid technology. Their singing voice should move you deeply in collaboration with YurineP's hand-drawing movie. Never, never miss it!

* Sakanaction "Light Dance" feat. Miki, Haruka and Hibiki by Gre-monP

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You can enjoy cool and stylish dances in this Gre-monP's video. It's interesting presentation that idols in red sometimes switch with idols in blue smoothly or they blur. Watch it!

* Perfume "Game" by SkullticP

Perfume "Game"

Perfume "Game" (03:34)

2012-06-02 Posted
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SkullticP made an very impressive MAD movie of the animation "The Idolm@ster". As you can notice, he/she used animation movies played backwards in this work, moreover arranged them from the last episode's ending to the first episode's opening. There are some nice works using "Game", this movie can be counted as one of them.

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