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Jun 08, 2012 Pickups

* ROUAGE "Utsusemi(The Shell of Locust)" feat. Jupiter by MukirinP

Sorry, sm18026285 was deleted.

Today's first pickup is MukirinP's movie. Watching it, you'll be absorbed in Jupiter's dance. MukirinP used only the dance of "Alice or Guilty". But it makes Jupiter more cool. And yet, MukirinP makes many good movies in a fast pace. Follow the tag "mukirinP".

* Sakanaction "Endless" feat. Chihaya by rodokuP

Sorry, sm18028564 was deleted.

This is a story about sequence of events leading from Chihaya's losing her "song" to finding it. Comments are not so many but it's not because this movie is boring. You'll watch it from beginning to end without saying anything.

* abingdon boys school "JAP" feat. Yayoi by P-BoowyP

abingdon boys school "JAP" feat. Yayoi

abingdon boys school "JAP" feat. Yayoi (01:30)

2012-06-07 Posted
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P-BoowyP made self reproduction of his previous movie. It made for an announcement of the event "Yayokani2012". It means that let's make movies featuring Yayoi. This is going to be great!

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* californiawalt (Jun 21, 2012 05:09)

Please keep 'em comming!

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