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Jun 11, 2012 Pickups

* "J'Y SUIS JAMAIS ALLE" feat. Haruka by Stew-no-HitoP

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If you've been one of IMMWS visitors for a long time, you may understand who made this movie. Yes, this mysterious MAD movie was made by Stew-no-HitoP. Enjoy its atmosphere.

* TSUJI Ayano "Clover" feat. Chieri by tinoP

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OGATA Chieri is an idol who appears in the social game "The Idolm@ster Cinderella Girls", and it's her birthday today. So tinoP made a movie to celebrate her birthday. This is the first celebrating movie for her. Incidentally, Chieri is similar in appearance to Yayoi, but she is two years older than Yayoi.

* KAGAMINE Rin "too Cute!" feat. Red Shoulder by KaoraP

KAGAMINE Rin "too Cute!" feat. Red Shoulde

KAGAMINE Rin "too Cute!" feat. Red Shoulde (04:50)

2012-06-09 Posted
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Today's last pickup is KaoraP's MMD work. We can enjoy well-synchronized dance in the video. The dance motion was made by Mikan. KaoraP shows us they are too cute! Don't miss it.

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* californiawalt (Jun 25, 2012 05:00)

Wow! Those were some fine videos there! It has been a while since we saw Red Shoulder perform, and Chieri was also quite a cutie. Also, Haruka danced as well as she looked. I for one look forward to even more of those Cinderella Girls videos among other great vids. Thanks, and keep 'em comming.

* NT (Jun 25, 2012 18:45)

Thanks for your comment with feeling.
We know there are IMMWS visitors waiting for videos like you, so we try to catch up with the timing.

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