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Jun 17, 2012 Pickups

* SHIBASAKI Kou "ANOTHER:WORLD" feat. Chihaya by ChikamichiP

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Today's first pickup is ChikamichiP's cool movie. Chihaya's well-synchronized dance makes us feel happy and comfortable. Don't miss it!

* SHIJIMASOUNDS "Ramune" feat. Iori and RyuguKomachi by shakeP

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Summer comes round soon in Japan. We can get an early peek at summer by shakeP's work. Enjoy shining Iori with an unusual hairstyle dancing on the beach stage.

* Last Alliance "Hekireki" feat. Haruka by AkapenP

Last Alliance "Hekireki" feat. Haruka

Last Alliance "Hekireki" feat. Haruka (02:22)

2012-06-17 Posted
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HaRuKarnival'12 is held in August this year. What's "HaRuKarnival"? Please read this description. We are looking forward to watching various videos starring Haruka. This movie is an announcement for the event made by AkapenP, it's not merely an announcement movie as usual.

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