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Aug 21, 2012 Pickups

* surface "Saa" feat. Mami by Doromizu

Sorry, sm18668857 was deleted.

Most of the Nicom@s creators have their own style, so we often find a distinctive taste of each creator. But Doromizu's movies give us different and various impressions each time. That's interesting.

* MIZUTANI Eri "Precog" Remix by IchijoP

MIZUTANI Eri "Precog" Remix

MIZUTANI Eri "Precog" Remix (03:23)

2012-08-20 Posted
249 Mylists

IchijoP became a participant in NoNoWire12 with this remix and video. Though the original "Precog" is agreeable to the ear, we feel this remix is more comfortable.

* ISHINO Takkyu "feeling" feat. Ami, Yayoi and Iori by kiiro_sponge

ISHINO Takkyu "feeling" feat. Ami, Yayoi and Iori

ISHINO Takkyu "feeling" feat. Ami, Yayoi and Iori (05:37)

2012-08-20 Posted
95 Mylists

This is also a movie participated in NoNoWire12. In the beginning you will be attracted by beautiful deep blue and dance to a rhythmic beat, but in last one minute you must be surprised at a dramatic change.

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