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Aug 29, 2012 Pickups for Makoto's Birthday

* Makoto's Bifthday

It's Makoto's birthday toady. There are many celebrating movies on NicoNicoDouga as always. Among them we pick up three fine works!

* KIKUCHI Makoto feat. Azusa and Chihaya "Agent, Yoru-o Yuku(The Agent Departs at Night) Hoover & Acid MIX † noir EDITION" by RenoP

Although we picked up RenoP's movie on Azusa's birthday, we do so again on Makoto's birthday. This work is so cool and fine that we can't help choosing it. Never miss it!

* KIKUCHI Makoto "KISS shite(Kiss me)" by WataridoriP

KIKUCHI Makoto "KISS shite(Kiss me)"

KIKUCHI Makoto "KISS shite(Kiss me)" (04:07)

2012-08-29 Posted
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This WataridoriP's manual vocaloid work is beautifully made. It is tagged with "So natural that we feel unnatural" on Nico Nico Douga. We heartily agree. Check it out!

* Tokyo Shonen "Present" feat. Makoto by ShonenP

Tokyo Shonen "Present" feat. Makoto

Tokyo Shonen "Present" feat. Makoto (03:44)

2012-08-29 Posted
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ShonenP's celebration video is heart-warming. We don't have anything to say but she is very charming.

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* californiawalt (Sep 10, 2012 04:58)

So I finally got to see all six M@ds tonight, even if it did take some tweeking on this and other pages. Still, no complaints if you got patience to wait for some of the songs to download. Anyways, catch you next time,hear?

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