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Nov 05, 2012 Pickups

* TAMURA Eriko "Makasete! Chin Ton Shan" feat. Haruka by HirocchiP

TAMURA Eriko "Makasete! Chin Ton Shan" feat. Haruka

TAMURA Eriko "Makasete! Chin Ton Shan" feat. Haruka (02:32)

2012-11-04 Posted
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HirocchiP showers Haruka's cuteness on us in his latest video. The stage with pop tone and well-synchronized dance give us good vibes. Don't miss it!

* MIZUKI Nana "BRIGHT STREAM" feat. Makoto, Haruka and Yukiho by EsegawaP

Sorry, sm19275471 was deleted.

EsegawaP started creating this work for Makoto's birthday in July. But since he/she wanted to stuff various things, it was finally completed now. Check out such his/her effort.

* (Title unknown) feat. Yukiho by KumayamaP

(Title unknown) feat. Yukiho

(Title unknown) feat. Yukiho (05:33)

2012-11-04 Posted
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We are afraid you don't like this work. However, we want you to know there are many styles in Nicom@s MAD movies. Enjoy...?

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