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Dec 18, 2012 Pickups

* Kiroro "Himawari(A sunflower)" feat. Yayoi by TsubameP

Kiroro "Himawari(A sunflower)" feat. Yayoi

Kiroro "Himawari(A sunflower)" feat. Yayoi (04:41)

2012-12-16 Posted
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This is Yayoi's success and growth story by TsubameP. She failed and felt down, but kept working hard with a smile like a sunflower. Then she became a big star who led 765 PRODUCTION.

* JUDGEMENT "Izayoi no Tsuki" feat. Mami, Takane and Makoto by ZaneiP

Sorry, sm19613434 was deleted.

ZaneiP's latest work shows idols' cool performance in a dark field stage. Watching it, you will probably feel good and satisfaction. Check it out!

* YOKOYAMA Chisa, NISHIHARA Kumiko, FUCHIZAKI Yuriko and TANAKA Mayumi "Happy Day Happy X'mas" feat. Haruka, Yayoi, Ritsuko, Ami and Azusa by PikkariP

PikkariP created a wonderful movie using a music of Sakura Taisen. As usual he did a careful work for dance and lip synchronization which didn't look strange. Never miss it!

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