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Jan 19, 2013 Pickups

* Kyojaku. "nennen" feat. Hibiki by Gre-monP

Kyojaku. "nennen" feat. Hibiki

Kyojaku. "nennen" feat. Hibiki (02:10)

2013-01-18 Posted
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Gre-monP used a beautiful instrumental music for Hibiki. In addition, Hibiki in white is also beautiful. Your eyes will be surely fixed upon her!

* OKAMOTO Mayo "Catch me" feat. Takane by MisoshiruP

Sorry, sm19865680 was deleted.

We pick up MisoshiruP for the first time in about three and a half years! He/She released a movie for Takane's birhtday a little early. Enjoy seeing Takane in various clothes!

* HARUKA "Kibou no Hana" feat. Haruka by Atorasu

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Atoras made a debut with this good work into the Nicom@s community. Haruka had lost her destination and been stumped about her activities, but she realized she had a lot of associates in 765 Production.

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