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Apr 17, 2013 Pickups

* Duca "Welcome☆Berry's" feat. Iori by Napota

Duca "Welcome☆Berry's" feat. Iori

Duca "Welcome☆Berry's" feat. Iori (01:29)

2013-04-16 Posted
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Napota made his/her debut in the Nicom@s community with this movie. From the movie we realize he/she graspes the points of camera work and dance synchronization. We are looking forward to his/her next work.

* HALCALI "BABY BLUE!" feat. Haruka and Takane by KaiP

HALCALI "BABY BLUE!" feat. Haruka and Takane

HALCALI "BABY BLUE!" feat. Haruka and Takane (04:43)

2013-04-14 Posted
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Today's second pickup is familiar KaiP's work. Pleasantly dancing Haruka and Takane make us feel happy. And a wide variety of their clothes holds our attention from beginning to end.

* daniwell "Linear Slope x Technologic" feat. Hibiki by HakaiKousenP

Sorry, sm20629180 was deleted.

It has been a while to pick up HakaiKousenP's movie. This one also shows various costumes to us. In addition, Hibiki's lively dance motions are very attractive. Enjoy!

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