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May 03, 2013 Pickups

* hide "ever free" feat. Mami, Chihaya and Miki by Doromizu

hide "ever free" feat. Mami, Chihaya and Miki

hide "ever free" feat. Mami, Chihaya and Miki (02:26)

2013-05-03 Posted
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We haven't picked up Doromizu's work for a while. He/She chose hide's last song for his/her new movie. We notice that he/she paid considerable attention to idols' dance, motion and facial expressions. Check it out!

* UNCHAIN "Don't Stop The Music" by BecchiP

UNCHAIN "Don't Stop The Music"

UNCHAIN "Don't Stop The Music" (04:09)

2013-05-02 Posted
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BecchiP released a extremely stylish all-star movie! We are sure that it makes you feel great. Never, never miss it!

* Waka, Fuuri and Sunao from STAR☆ANIS "Calendar Girl" by YU-TOP

Sorry, sm20757577 was deleted.

This is our first pickup of YU-TOP's work in about two and a half years. The song is an opening theme of Aikatsu! We can see him/her put a lot of effort into this hand-drawing movie.

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