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Jun 07, 2013 Pickups

* Tsunako "Super Nova mu-cho Remix" feat. Red Shoulder by A.Dior

Tsunako "Super Nova mu-cho Remix" feat. Red Shoulder

Tsunako "Super Nova mu-cho Remix" feat. Red Shoulder (02:18)

2013-06-07 Posted
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This is our first pickup of A.Dior's work. Red Shoulder is dancing emotionally and fluently to a beautiful song. That looks like ballet. We are drawn into the wonderful world. Enjoy!

* REKISHI "LOVE Benkei" feat. Makoto and Yukiho by Aze

Sorry, sm21045802 was deleted.

Makoto shows us airy dance to a pop rock music. Her well-synchronized dance makes us feel great. BTW the singer sings "Ushiwaka! Ushiwaka!" in the parts of Yukiho's dancing. Needless to say, the call isn't for UshiwakaP, that's because the lyrics is based on the story of Benkei and Ushiwakamaru.

* kuchiroro "Yukkurito(Slowly)" feat. Azusa by MusuhiraP

kuchiroro "Yukkurito(Slowly)" feat. Azusa

kuchiroro "Yukkurito(Slowly)" feat. Azusa (03:58)

2013-06-07 Posted
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It's nice that Azusa is dancing elegantly with a kindly smile. We feel happy to see her. Don't miss it!

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