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Jun 10, 2013 Pickups

* miwa "Delight" feat. Ritsuko by esk

miwa "Delight" feat. Ritsuko

miwa "Delight" feat. Ritsuko (02:01)

2013-06-10 Posted
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Ritsuko's bust shots captured squarely in the face are impressive in this esk's movie, and dull-colored image is so beautiful.

* Salyu "Aozora(Blue Sky)" feat. Takane by aaa

Sorry, sm21085018 was deleted.

According to the movie header by aaa, there might be few solo performance movie of Takane in a variety of clothes. We think so. BTW, it's nice that Takane is dancing with emotional body movements suitable for the lyrics, "Anata ga Suki(I love you)."

* Jazztronik "Aoi Asagao" feat. Chihaya by OreoreSagier

Jazztronik "Aoi Asagao" feat. Chihaya

Jazztronik "Aoi Asagao" feat. Chihaya (02:52)

2013-06-10 Posted
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We enjoy seeing Chihaya dancing airily to a refreshing song. Though OreoreSagier wrote that he/she made a Nicom@s movie for the first time in a while, it's very nice one. Don't you think so?

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