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Jun 18, 2013 Pickups

* Project Fairy "Overmaster" x Faylan "Dead END" by kaede

Project Fairy "Overmaster" x faylan "Dead End"

Project Fairy "Overmaster" x faylan "Dead End" (02:43)

2013-06-15 Posted
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Kaede reused mknP's work to mash it up with Overmaster. Dead End is the 2nd opening theme of Mirai Nikki animation, and it gives a new radiance to Overmaster.

* tokyokarankoron "Love me tender" feat. Haruka by DAT3P

tokyokarankoron "Love me tender" feat. Haruka

tokyokarankoron "Love me tender" feat. Haruka (05:21)

2013-06-17 Posted
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"But we met. Nothing can quench our passion." The repeated phrase reminds us of an encounter with her. DAT3P expressed such a feeling in this beautiful work. Don't miss it!

* Minako "Ramen" feat. Takane by KaiP

Minako "Ramen" feat. Takane

Minako "Ramen" feat. Takane (05:12)

2013-06-17 Posted
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The world over, everyone smiles when eating a delicious meal. As for Takane, that's definitely true. If it's a Ramen, she gives her sweetest smile! We feel happy to be beside her.

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* californiawalt (Jun 20, 2013 04:49)

Let me ask, how many net surfers besides me ever watch the Im@s Weekly Ranking program every chance they get? And, what movies would you pick for a future cast?

* NT (Jun 21, 2013 22:32)

It's difficult to tell about the number of views, so see "views" on this list here, and we don't understand what your second question means.

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