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Jul 06, 2013 Pickups

* IMAWANO Kiyoshiro "Baby #1" feat. Makoto by IKEPONGP

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Congratulations! HIRATA Hiromi, the voice actress for Makoto, wrote on her blog today that she gave birth to her first baby boy in June. IKEPONGP released a celebratory movie immediately!

* NUMAKURA Manami, AKASAKI Chinatsu, NINASE Inori, SAKURA Ayane and TAICHI You "Love Shitai!" feat. Hibiki, Yukiho, Chihaya, Iori and Ritsuko by HitokotoP

This is the opening theme of LOVE LAB, in which NUMAKURA Manami, the voice actress for Hibiki, plays the part of the main character. Enjoy lovely idols' lively dance!

* KOTOKO "Light My Fire" by YuppiP

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Since we think this YuppiP's work is well-organized, we wonder why the number of views is very few. Anyway, watch and enjoy it!

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