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Jul 12, 2013 Pickups

* B'z "Kuroi Seishun" feat. Shouta by FukuramiP

B'z "Kuroi Seishun" feat. Shouta

B'z "Kuroi Seishun" feat. Shouta (03:50)

2013-07-10 Posted
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The main character of this video is Shouta. We have hardly ever seen videos like that. FukuramiP, an expert producer of Jupiter, shows a cool and attractive image of Jupiter to us. But he/she doesn't participate in Jupiter Summer Tour for some reason.

* Juicy Fruits "Come on Swing" feat. Azusa by moguP

Juicy Fruits "Come on Swing" feat. Azusa

Juicy Fruits "Come on Swing" feat. Azusa (02:13)

2013-07-10 Posted
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MoguP had produced this work for Azusa's birthday, a week later. But the completion was earlier than expected, so he/she decided to release early. Azusa in the video is so beautiful!!!

* Haruka, Yukiho, Yayoi, Iori, Mami and Takane "KAMI SUMMER!! by ShittoriKandenchi

Sorry, sm21333066 was deleted.

ShittoriKandenchi made a debut into the Nicom@s community with this fine work. He/She wrote that he/she spent almost a year to create the video. Dance, still images and animation are combined so well that the work grabs the interest of the viewers until the end. Don't miss it!

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