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Jul 23, 2013 Pickups

* a flood of circle "Doromizu no Melody" feat. Haruka by TacosP

Sorry, sm21424147 was deleted.

TacosP made a debut with this fine movie for HaRuKarnival'13. He/She nicely synchronized dance motion of Haruka with a speedy song. We think he/she is a promising new-comer.

* KATOU Emiri "Koi Spa" feat. Ritsuko, Ami and Mami by moguP

KATOU Emiri "Koi Spa" feat. Ritsuko, Ami and Mami

KATOU Emiri "Koi Spa" feat. Ritsuko, Ami and Mami (02:22)

2013-07-22 Posted
43 Mylists

Movies not for HaRuKarnival are also released as usual. A trio chosen by moguP isn't so popular. The combination of green and yellow feel new to us. Enjoy!

* SUNEOHAIR "slow dance" feat. Chihaya by Kuroyon

SUNEOHAIR "slow dance" feat. Chihaya

SUNEOHAIR "slow dance" feat. Chihaya (03:27)

2013-07-21 Posted
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Chihaya initially seemed reluctant to be taken photos in a bathing suit, but to be photographed is getting more fun for her. Of course her smile is charming, and her reluctant look is also attractive. In addition, we are happy to see Chihaya dressed in Yukata!

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