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Aug 13, 2013 Pickups

* NARUMI Kyko "Menimenimanimani" feat. Iori, Chihaya and Miki by GussanP

NARUMI Kyko "Menimenimanimani" feat. Iori, Chihaya and Miki

NARUMI Kyko "Menimenimanimani" feat. Iori, Chihaya and Miki (01:34)

2013-08-12 Posted
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We picked up GussanP's video for two straight days. Today's one shows idols sprightly dance on a beach side stage. Check it out!

* MINASE Iori "Private Roadshow (playback, Weekday)" by MIB

MINASE Iori "Private Roadshow (playback, Weekday)"

MINASE Iori "Private Roadshow (playback, Weekday)" (01:24)

2013-08-13 Posted
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Here comes a promising new comer! It's a very well connected movie. You can see a variety of Iori with her new song included in THE IDOLM@STER LIVE THE@TER PERFORMANCE 05 Don't miss it!

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* Dream5 "Like & Peace!" feat. Haruka, Miki, Hibiki, Makoto and Chihaya by KiwiP

Sorry, sm21580331 was deleted.

This is our first pickup of KiwiP in a half year. Idols' airy dance makes us feel bouncy and happy. Have fun!

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