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Aug 16, 2013 Pickups

* μ's "Susume Tomorrow" feat. Project Fairy by TakaCP

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It's been three years since TakaCP made a debut. This is the 3rd anniversary work. The three idols of Project Fairy are devastatingly cute!

* *spiLa* "Hello" feat. Yukiho by KadzukiP

*spiLa* "Hello" feat. Yukiho

*spiLa* "Hello" feat. Yukiho (01:57)

2013-08-14 Posted
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Yukiho, so cute! We really enjoyed a soft atmosphere of this work. You will certainly feel good to see it. Don't miss it!

* yanaginagi "Yukitoki" feat. Haruka and Chihaya by junP

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JunP participates in HaRuKarnival'13 with this work. Chihaya suddenly appears at a part of "keep shaking hands". It's a heartwarming video.

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