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Aug 25, 2013 Pickups

* Weekly Ranking delayed

Weekly Ranking hasn't been released yet. We will pick it up as soon as possible.

* BiBi "Cutie Panther" feat. Iori, Chihaya and Miki by EbiP

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Iori, Chihaya and Miki also participated in HaRuKarnival'13 as guest performers in this EbiP's video. Enjoy their stylish, brilliant and well-synchronized dance to a song from LoveLive!

* AMAMI Haruka, KISARAGI Chihaya and HOSHII Miki "Kami SUMMER!!" by Masa-, Paramounter, Nezumiotoko, YassunP, k-zo and RizuP

AMAMI Haruka, KISARAGI Chihaya and HOSHII Miki "Kami SUMMER!!"

AMAMI Haruka, KISARAGI Chihaya and HOSHII Miki "Kami SUMMER!!" (03:31)

2013-08-22 Posted
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Masa-, Paramounter, Nezumiotoko, YassunP and k-zo played an accompaniment for idols. It's a great live performance. Check it out!

* SHIMOTSUKI Haruka "Himawari(Sunflower)" feat. Haruka by CellkeyP

SHIMOTSUKI Haruka "Himawari(Sunflower)" feat. Haruka

SHIMOTSUKI Haruka "Himawari(Sunflower)" feat. Haruka (03:28)

2013-08-24 Posted
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In closing, we pick up a video by CellkeyP, who is the organizer of HaRuKarnival. We want to thank everyone who participated in this great event. Thank you!

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* californiawalt (Aug 29, 2013 05:46)

So that's it? No more Harukarnival Fests like, forever? What gives here? I for one am so gonna miss this.

* NT (Aug 29, 2013 18:36)

CellkeyP said in a interview that he wanted to organize and see Haruka's final live. So HaRuKarnival finished this year.
But someone else may declare bid for organizing a new event next year.

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