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Sep 24, 2013 Pickups

* KOTOKO "Light My Fire" feat. Iori, Yukiho and Miki by REIKAP

Sorry, sm21897282 was deleted.

It's a cool video! Never miss it!

* TOKYO No.1 SOUL SET "Subete Hikari" feat. Haruka by KuronukoP

TOKYO No.1 SOUL SET "Subete Hikari" feat. Haruka

TOKYO No.1 SOUL SET "Subete Hikari" feat. Haruka (02:53)

2013-09-24 Posted
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KuronukoP released his/her new work for the first time in a year and several months. He/She has a unique style of creating videos. This means he/she puts together an idol and live-action image into a video with an aura of mysterious. You will surely be drawn to it.

* RyuguKomachi "SECRET RABBIT" by MukirinP

RyuguKomachi "SECRET RABBIT"

RyuguKomachi "SECRET RABBIT" (03:35)

2013-09-24 Posted
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This is an original song produced by Takikomi with manual vocaloid technology. MukirinP likes it very much and made this video. It's a good collaboration!

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