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Oct 05, 2013 Pickups

* Perfume "Hurly Burly" feat. Rin, Nao and Karen by KoukatsuZenraTomitakeP

Perfume "Hurly Burly" feat. Rin, Nao and Karen

Perfume "Hurly Burly" feat. Rin, Nao and Karen (02:33)

2013-10-05 Posted
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Here are new MMD models of Rin, Nao and Karen edited by KoukatsuZenraTomitakeP. We believe it if we hear that these models are officially released by NBGI. Never, never, never miss it!

* mash "Drive" feat. Haruka by Dorakeke

mash "Drive" feat. Haruka

mash "Drive" feat. Haruka (03:20)

2013-10-05 Posted
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An event to make Nicom@s movies using shoegazer music, im@shoegazer13 is held now. Nicom@s creators come up with ways to enjoy. Don't miss a nice work with a beautiful atmosphere!

* KAWADA Mami "Borderland" feat. RyuguKomachi by AkapenP

Sorry, sm21972701 was deleted.

Today's last pickup is AkapenP's latest work. It shows us cool dance performance of RyuguKomachi. You will certainly have an exhilarating experience!

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