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Nov 19, 2013 Pickups

* NAKAMURA Eriko "Neutral" feat. Haruka, Ami and Yukiho by TorueP

NAKAMURA Eriko "Neutral" feat. Haruka, Ami and Yukiho

NAKAMURA Eriko "Neutral" feat. Haruka, Ami and Yukiho (03:19)

2013-11-19 Posted
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TorueP made a debut at HaRuKarnival'13 with a video using a song by NAKAMURA Eriko, the voice actress for Haruka. Today he/she released another video using her song again because today is her birthday. Congratulations!

* marble "Soukou Dream" feat. Haruka by PekemaruP

marble "Soukou Dream" feat. Haruka

marble "Soukou Dream" feat. Haruka (01:41)

2013-11-19 Posted
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So, several movies focusing on Eriko or Haruka are uploaded today. PekemaruP, one of master Nicom@s creators who love Haruka, participates in the festival. You want to play this work again and again, don't you?

* Spitz "Cherry" feat. Chihaya and 765PRO ALLSTARS by FalP

Sorry, sm22288780 was deleted.

This FalP's work is also a celebratory video for Eriko. Haruka seems not to be on the same stage with other idols for some reason, but they are all one.

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