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Nov 23, 2013 Pickups on Miki's birthday

* Miki's birthday

It is Miki's birthday, today! Miki is so popular in the NicoM@S Community that a lot of her producers released their celebrating videos which they put their soul into. Today, we shows you extraordinary three works from them.

* ABE Mao "Lonely" feat. Miki and 765PRO ALLSTARS by osp

ABE Mao "Lonely" feat. Miki and 765PRO ALLSTARS

ABE Mao "Lonely" feat. Miki and 765PRO ALLSTARS (04:15)

2013-11-23 Posted
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We are really surprised when we see this MMD video! All characters look like living humans. Please compare the video with the official music video of this song. We don't know any information about osp, but he/she must be an alias of a famous MMD creator or creator group. Anyway, never, never, never miss it!!

* AKINO "Chance To Shine" feat. Miki, Mami and Yukiho by AtelierP

Sorry, sm22305240 was deleted.

This is also an excellent celebratory video, which has a fine story. Miki was a lazy idol. But when she meets a rival, she is resolved to make a serious try to be a top idol. Her hard work with good companions bears fruit. BTW, this song is blessed with nice Nicom@s works, for example, this impressive video by tokachiP. Enjoy!

* HOSHII Miki "Tsuioku no Sand Glass" by KaizartP

HOSHII Miki "Tsuioku no Sand Glass"

HOSHII Miki "Tsuioku no Sand Glass" (02:01)

2013-11-23 Posted
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This song is an original new song included in THE IDOLM@STER LIVE THE@TER PERFORMANCE 06. Since it's a song of unrequited love, Miki is dancing at deserted places in this video.

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