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Dec 02, 2013 Pickups

* HONDA Mio "Mitsuboshi☆☆★ 8bit Remix" by Tnoji

HONDA Mio "Mitsuboshi☆☆★ 8bit Remix"

HONDA Mio "Mitsuboshi☆☆★ 8bit Remix" (03:32)

2013-12-01 Posted
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Dec 1st was Mio's birthday. Tnoji made a nice 8bit remix to celebrate her birthday. It's really nice and gives us a high. Check it out!

* Shiritsu Ebisu Chugaku "Kindan no Karma" feat. Haruka and 765PRO ALLSTARS by ribonP

Sorry, sm22374522 was deleted.

We are glad to see ribonP's new work within a month. It's a stylish all-star video. You will certainly feel great if you see idols dancing well-synchronizedly. Don't miss it!

* KOMATSU Rika "my sweet heart" feat. Haruka by PekemaruP

KOMATSU Rika "my sweet heart" feat. Haruka

KOMATSU Rika "my sweet heart" feat. Haruka (01:31)

2013-12-02 Posted
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This song is the opening theme of Tokyo Mew Mew. That's why Haruka is transformed into a nekomimi girl in the middle of the video. Haruka featured in PekemaruP's video is too cute to be legal as always!

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