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Dec 04, 2013 Pickups

* OHGURO Maki "Anything Goes!" by Zausa

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This song is the opening theme for Kamen Rider OOO, a Japanese tokusatsu drama. Why does it go well with the music video of "Onegai Cinderella"?

* SWEDISH "Camomile Bathroom" feat. Iori by PajamaP

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PajamaP started to use MMD for making Nicom@s works. We are sure that he releases better work in his own style pretty soon.

* SO-FI "Slowly" feat. Hibiki, Miki and Takane by JupP

SO-FI "Slowly" feat. Hibiki, Miki and Takane

SO-FI "Slowly" feat. Hibiki, Miki and Takane (02:32)

2013-12-04 Posted
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PBOYP@RK'13, an event to make Nicom@s videos with hip-hop music, is being held now. Enjoy well-synchronized and stylish performance by Project Fairy.

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