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Dec 06, 2013 Pickups

* ONITSUKA Chihiro "Gekko(Moon light)" feat. Haruka by useP

ONITSUKA Chihiro "Gekko(Moon light)" feat. Haruka

ONITSUKA Chihiro "Gekko(Moon light)" feat. Haruka (05:08)

2013-12-05 Posted
3,866 Mylists

Though his song is very popular in Japan, we don't expect such an upsurge. The number of views is increasing surprisingly rapidly! We guess this video may make you cry, but don't miss it!

* KASUGA Mirai "Suteki na Kiseki" by Puchiki-manP

KASUGA Mirai "Suteki na Kiseki"

KASUGA Mirai "Suteki na Kiseki" (02:20)

2013-12-05 Posted
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Puchiki-manP made a nice MAD video of a song from THE IDOLM@STER LIVE THE@TER PERFORMANCE 03. We want much more MILLIONLIVE! MADs. You, too?

* IZUMI Makura "sen-sei!" feat. Ami and Mami by Naani?

Sorry, sm22391665 was deleted.

Naani? also participates in PBOYP@RK'13 with this video. A girl makes fun of a teacher, sensei in Japanese, in this song. We guess that's the reason why Naani? chose this song for mischievous twins.

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