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Dec 18, 2013 Pickups

* Cuushe "I Dreamt About Silence" feat. Iori by KaiP

Cuushe "I Dreamt About Silence" feat. Iori

Cuushe "I Dreamt About Silence" feat. Iori (06:42)

2013-12-17 Posted
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We probably pick up a video there aren't any comments about for the first time. But this KaiP's work is very attractive. Enjoy a dance to a beautiful music, a variety of clothes and bold cut-ins.

* Rita "Little Busters! - ecstary ver." by Asutoru

Rita "Little Busters! - ecstary ver."

Rita "Little Busters! - ecstary ver." (03:33)

2013-12-18 Posted
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Perhaps you remember we picked up Asutoru's previous work featuring Cute Cinderella Girls. And here's the next one, Cool Cinderella Girls version. Needless to say, we want to see a Passion version!

* Bonnie Pink "Perfect Sky" by MukirinP

Sorry, sm22470748 was deleted.

Today's last pickup is MukirinP's latest work. It shows you a well-synchronized dance by 765PRO ALLSTARS. We are sure that you like their nice performance. Don't miss it!

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