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Mar 14, 2014 Pickups

* Jazztronik "Future Talk" & "Real Clothes" by AnivenirP

Jazztronik "Future Talk" & "Real Clothes"

Jazztronik "Future Talk" & "Real Clothes" (10:15)

2014-03-13 Posted
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AnivenirP created a wonderful show of new costumes for 765PRO! All of the costumes in this video were changed to another color, and AnivenirP thought up new names of these variations. That must have been a time-consuming job. That aside, the show is really marvelous. Never miss it!

* Tokyo Jihen "Denpa Tsuushin" feat. Ami and Mami by Doromizu

Tokyo Jihen "Denpa Tsuushin" feat. Ami and Mami

Tokyo Jihen "Denpa Tsuushin" feat. Ami and Mami (02:09)

2014-03-13 Posted
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We're surprised that this is Doromizu's first work of this year. Because he/she has been a prolific Nicom@s creator since his/her debut. Though, this video is so good as always. Enjoy a stylish performance by Twins.

* ŌMORI Yasuko "Midnight Seijun Isei Kōyū" feat. Haruka by ribonP

Sorry, sm23081012 was deleted.

RibonP's latest work is very interesting. We're watching Haruka from video creator's point of view in the beginning of the video. But before we know it, we're watching her directly. Anyway, Haruka in ribonP's video is always attractive. Enjoy!

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