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Mar 22, 2014 Pickups

* ONE OK ROCK "ONION!" feat. Hibiki, Takane and Miki by P-boowy, KururuP and ClosetzP

ONE OK ROCK "ONION!" feat. Hibiki, Takane and Miki

ONE OK ROCK "ONION!" feat. Hibiki, Takane and Miki (02:34)

2014-03-22 Posted
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P-boowy, KururuP and ClosetzP created a fantastic collaboration work again. Project Fairy, a trio of Hibiki, Takane and Miki, shows us a stylish performance. Don't miss it!

* HAGIWARA Yukiho "Humming Road" by ok3P

Sorry, sm23152080 was deleted.

This is a new song from LIVE THE@TER PERFORMANCE 12, which will be out on March 26th. BTW, we're very surprised at this video. Because ok3P is famous as a creator of "iDOLM@STER north american edition".

* Plastic Tree "Kiki" feat. Haruka by Dorakeke

Plastic Tree "Kiki" feat. Haruka

Plastic Tree "Kiki" feat. Haruka (01:50)

2014-03-22 Posted
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Haruka is lively dancing to a song of Dorakeke's favorite band. She gives us a charge from a brilliant stage. Don't you feel so?

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