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Mar 25, 2014 Pickups for Yayoi's Birthday

* Yayoi's Birthday

It's Yayoi's birthday, today! A lot of videos are posted to celebrate her birthday as usual. We pick up nice three among them.

* Superfly "Hi-Five" feat. Yayoi by AkapenP

Sorry, sm23146895 was deleted.

Today's first pickup is a celebratory video by AkapenP. You can see cute Yayoi of various kinds and enjoy her dynamic dance performance in the video. Never miss it!!

* TAKATSUKI Yayoi "Nannen Tattemo" by Hirahei

TAKATSUKI Yayoi "Nannen Tattemo"

TAKATSUKI Yayoi "Nannen Tattemo" (04:48)

2014-03-25 Posted
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Hirahei created an original song for Yayoi's birthday and got Yayoi to sing it. She sings, "We'll always be friends". It's a good song!

* Yuuyu "Mouichido Peter Pan" feat. Yayoi by RinP

Yuuyu "Mouichido Peter Pan" feat. Yayoi

Yuuyu "Mouichido Peter Pan" feat. Yayoi (04:38)

2014-03-24 Posted
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RinP chose an 80's Japanese idol song to make a celebratory work for Yayoi's birthday. The atmosphere of th song goes well with her. Twinkling light effects at the beginning and the end are gorgeous and nice. Have fun!

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