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Apr 01, 2014 Pickups

* FIRE BALL "Smile Smile Smile" by fa

FIRE BALL "Smile Smile Smile"

FIRE BALL "Smile Smile Smile" (03:39)

2014-03-29 Posted
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This is our second selection of fa's Nicom@s work. If you are gazing at idols' dance performance at a tropical island, you will be amazed at the last part of the video. Have fun!

* KOUDA Kumi "Get Up & Move!!" feat. Ami and Mami by Doromizu

KOUDA Kumi "Get Up & Move!!" feat. Ami and Mami

KOUDA Kumi "Get Up & Move!!" feat. Ami and Mami (02:34)

2014-04-01 Posted
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Doromizu is good at developing cool and sexy charms of Ami and Mami. They are youngest in 765PRO ALLSTARS, but Twins in the video look mature for their age. Check it out!

* Fear,and loathing in Las Vegas "Rave-up tonight" by BartlettP

Sorry, sm23228842 was deleted.

BartlettP marked his/her fifth anniversary on March 29th. This video is its anniversary work. Azusa and other idols are dancing to a speedy rock music and many kinds of past MADs are loaded with the video. That's good!

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