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May 28, 2014 Pickups

* ALI PROJECT "Mirai no Eve" by TakanashiP

Sorry, sm23612422 was deleted.

This is our first pickup of TakanashiP's work in nine months. We used to find many Nicom@s MADs using ALI PROJECT's songs, this video reminds us of former days.

* ONUKI Ami "Security Blanket" feat. Ami and Mami by KaiP

ONUKI Ami "Security Blanket" feat. Ami and Mami

ONUKI Ami "Security Blanket" feat. Ami and Mami (04:25)

2014-05-25 Posted
32 Mylists

KaiP created a fine celebratory video for Ami and Mami's birthday, too. Enjoy lively performances by the twins, Ryugu Komachi and an unnamed unit of Mami, Yayoi and Hibiki, which was presented by Ritsuko in the ending of THE IDOLM@STER Movie. Don't miss it!

* MANISH "Kirameku Toki ni Torawarete" by SatenRuiko

MANISH "Kirameku Toki ni Torawarete"

MANISH "Kirameku Toki ni Torawarete" (01:33)

2014-05-27 Posted
49 Mylists

This song is the ending theme of "SLAM DUNK". We guess that's the reason SatenRuiko made this Anim@s MAD like an ending part.

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