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Jul 14, 2014 Pickups

* Jamiroquai "Cosmic Girl" by FurisodeP

Jamiroquai "Cosmic Girl"

Jamiroquai "Cosmic Girl" (02:40)

2014-07-10 Posted
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We pickup FurisodeP's work for the first time in about ten months. He/She shows us an all-star lineup of 765 Production idols by using ONE FOR ALL materials. You can't take your eyes off their gorgeous performance.

* YONEZU Kenshi "Eine Kleine" feat. Subaru and Yuriko by MintgumP

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MintgumP created an impressive MMD movie featuring Subaru and Yuriko. As you may already know, these cute SD models are made by AousagiP. If you want to see another video of these models, you should check this out!


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This is an amazing debut work of an unnamed Nicom@s creator. We think he/she must be a promising new comer. The video is full of idols of MILLIONLIVE Visual group. Never miss it!

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