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Aug 30, 2014 Pickups for Makoto's birthday

* "Heart-catch Paradise" feat. Makoto by Ringo.

"Heart-catch Paradise" feat. Makoto

"Heart-catch Paradise" feat. Makoto (01:34)

2014-08-29 Posted
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We found many fine celebratory works for Makoto, so we also show some of them today. Ringo. made a celebratory MMD video with the use of an excellent manual vocaloid work of DorionP, the manual vocaloid master.

* OTSUKI Maki "RUN!RUN!RUN!" feat. Makoto by HabaneroP

OTSUKI Maki "RUN!RUN!RUN!" feat. Makoto

OTSUKI Maki "RUN!RUN!RUN!" feat. Makoto (01:23)

2014-08-29 Posted
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HabaneroP used a lot of illustrations from MILLION LIVE! to create this celebratory video. He/She introduces a gallery of fascinating Makoto in this work. For example, Makoto in the thumbnail is so cute!

* SHALLOW "Addiction" feat. Makoto by Kanie

SHALLOW "Addiction" feat. Makoto

SHALLOW "Addiction" feat. Makoto (02:56)

2014-08-29 Posted
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This video is very coooool! Kanie shows us Makoto's awesome dance performance we've never seen. Don't miss it!

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* californiawalt (Sep 01, 2014 05:41)

This just in: Kirari Moroboshi's birthday comes on Labor Day here in the states; while little Anzu Futaba's starts the next day. How about hunting up some fine vids for these two, okay?

* NT (Sep 02, 2014 19:09)

Surprisingly, we still haven't found any celebratory video for Kirari's birthday and there are very very few works to Anzu.

* californiawalt (Sep 02, 2014 21:42)

I did find one last night for the later girl: sm24374927. Happy hunting, now!

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