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Sep 09, 2014 Pickups for Kotori's Birthday

* Kotori's Birthday

It's Kotori's birthday, today. She isn't an idol, but a clerk of 765 Production. Even so, she is one of the most popular characters in the NicoM@S Community. We pick up three fine videos for her. Enjoy!

* OTONASHI Kotori "Sora" by Machi

OTONASHI. Kotori "Sora"

OTONASHI. Kotori "Sora" (01:29)

2014-09-09 Posted
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We picked up Machi's work for the first time. He/She made a wonderful hand-draing work. Have fun!!

* NOMIZU Iori "Natsu no Ojousan" feat. Kotori by HikaruP

Sorry, sm24425420 was deleted.

This song is a cover of an 80's Japanese idol's song. We think the song goes well with Kotori.

* OTONASHI Kotori "Hikari - birthd@y_remix'14" by ajituketamago

OTONASHI Kotori "Hikari - birthd@y_remix'14"

OTONASHI Kotori "Hikari - birthd@y_remix'14" (05:17)

2014-09-09 Posted
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Today's last pickup is a nice remix from the birthd@y_remix'14 project. Enjoy Kotori's clear singing voice and a beautiful melody.

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* californiawalt (Sep 13, 2014 07:05)

Looking for more vids to keep you busy on this site? I've found plenty from past ranking shows and put them on my special list. Let's start with the following three picks: sm1814288, sm16437762, and sm21679999. That's a good start, right?

* NT (Sep 13, 2014 16:35)

Thank you for your suggestion.
But we picked up sm16437762 in, sm1814288 has already been deleted, and sm21679999 seems to be unrelated to IDOLM@STER.

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