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Sep 14, 2014 Pickup & Visitor's request

* Weekly Ranking delayed

Weekly Ranking hasn't been released yet. We will pick it up as soon as possible.

* "SUNKiSS ♡ DROP 〜jun side〜" feat. Haruka & 765PRO ALLSTARS by MisoshiruP

Sorry, sm24466860 was deleted.

This is our first pickup of MisoshiruP's work in over one year. This portrait mode video is amusing and 8-bit style pixel characters also are so cute.

* Visitor's request

Thank you for your request, californiawalt.

* An MMD drama by StravinsP

An MMD drama

An MMD drama (10:00)

2012-02-09 Posted
13,853 Mylists

* Hegedansu of Takanya and Chihya by Agohigex

Sorry, sm19878834 was deleted.

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* californiawalt (Sep 18, 2014 07:05)

If & when you get a chance, here are the next vids to pick up:sm16922153, sm20134538, & sm19878834.

* californiawalt (Sep 18, 2014 07:10)

My apologies, that was last time's requests; what I was supposed to request were these:sm20947863, sm19621715, & sm22888633. Please, forgive this error.

* NT (Sep 20, 2014 16:30)

Thank you for your request as always.
AltairP's sm22888633 was already picked up <> and we'll pick up the others within days.

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