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Sep 30, 2014 Pickups

* HOSHII Miki "Nostalgia" by ClosetzP

HOSHII Miki "Nostalgia"

HOSHII Miki "Nostalgia" (02:12)

2014-09-26 Posted
115 Mylists

This is a new song released on August 26th as a downloadable content for ONE FOR ALL. ClosetzP shows us that Miki is stylishly performing. Don't miss it!

* Makoto, Chihaya and Azusa "99 Nights" by RenoP

Makoto, Chihaya and Azusa "99 Nights"

Makoto, Chihaya and Azusa "99 Nights" (02:13)

2014-09-28 Posted
298 Mylists

This is also a new song as a downloadable content, which was released on September 25th. Enjoy clear singing voices of idols and a danceable music!

* NARUMI Kyoko "Menimeni Manimani" by Twilight Limits

Sorry, sm24576483 was deleted.

Twilight Limits's latest work is a parody of Teekyuu. Too many characters appear in the short video, you need to watch it again and again. Have fun!

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* californiawalt (Oct 04, 2014 07:30)

Cool beans! Now for a question: how many vids can anyone find on Nico Nico Doga that are somehow related to Hibiki Ganaha? Perhaps you can find some new ones hopefully in time for that upcomming big day.

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