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Oct 11, 2014 Pickups for Hibiki's birthday

* ABE Mao "I wanna see you" feat. Hibiki by /sec.P

Sorry, sm24643525 was deleted.

We pick up nice celebratory videos for Hibiki's birthday today, too. /sec.P released a heart-warming Anim@s MAD. We guarantee you will be happy with this video.

* GANAHA Hibiki "Coffee 1-pai no Image" by HirocchiP

GANAHA Hibiki "Coffee 1-pai no Image"

GANAHA Hibiki "Coffee 1-pai no Image" (03:00)

2014-10-10 Posted
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This song is from "THE IDOLM@STER ANIM@TION MASTER Namassuka SPECIAL Curtain Call". We're surprised that we haven't probably picked up any Nicom@s video of this song. Enjoy a refreshing atmosphere of the song and image.

* Kedama "Hajimari no Sakamichi" feat. Hibiki by YamadalionP

Kedama "Hajimari no Sakamichi" feat. Hibiki

Kedama "Hajimari no Sakamichi" feat. Hibiki (04:19)

2014-10-10 Posted
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YamadalionP wrote that he/she made an hand-drawn work for the first time in two years. Hibiki is trying to climb the world's steepest slope by bicycle. He/She shows that a strong bond with fellow idols gives a boost to her. This video makes us feel great.

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* californiawalt (Oct 13, 2014 06:17)

How wonderful! Six fabulous vids w/. Hibiki playing on one night! I look forward to what will be in the next Weekly Ranking program when you get it picked up.

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