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Nov 23, 2014 Pickups for Miki's birthday

* Miki's birthday

It is Miki's birthday, today. NicoM@S creators who love her made a lot of MAD videos to celebrate her birthday. We pick up fine three of them. Celebrate and enjoy the day!

* HOSHII Miki "Shinku" by AkapenP

HOSHII Miki "Shinku"

HOSHII Miki "Shinku" (04:37)

2014-11-23 Posted
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Many Nicom@s creators used this Miki's song to make nice works, AkapenP is now counted among them. We're sure that you can't take our eyes off the screen. Enjoy Miki and other idols' very cool performance!!

* NAKAJIMA Megumi "Houkago Overflow" feat. Miki by AtelierP

NAKAJIMA Megumi "Houkago Overflow" feat. Miki

NAKAJIMA Megumi "Houkago Overflow" feat. Miki (05:33)

2014-11-23 Posted
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AtelierP made an excellent video full of love to Miki. It surely make us feel really great. Never miss it!!

* OOHARA Sakurako (from MUSH&Co.) "Ganbattate Iinjanai" feat. Miki by YuppiP

Sorry, sm24967387 was deleted.

This is also a video full of love to Miki. It's interesting that YuppiP created a new style of Anim@s MAD video. Check it out!

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* californiawalt (Nov 25, 2014 08:44)

That was great! Now how about looking through the Nico Nico site for some possible vids with that Cinderella Girl Sachiko, as her birthday is next?

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