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Jul 13, 2015 Visitor's request

* Visitor's request

Thank you for your request as usual, californiawalt!

* Collages of Cinderella Girls by Licorice

Collages of Cinderella Girls

Collages of Cinderella Girls (05:45)

2014-09-21 Posted
869 Mylists

* PSY "Gangnam Style" by WarabukiP

PSY "Gangnam Style"

PSY "Gangnam Style" (03:42)

2014-09-25 Posted
205 Mylists

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* californiawalt (Jul 16, 2015 22:37)

It appears that you forgot one other request I typed in for your site. Did it get lost or deleted by any chance? Heaven forbid!

* californiawalt (Jul 17, 2015 05:02)

Oh, and just a heads up, Azusa'a birthday is on sunday where I live, so please find some excellent vids of her if possible, and have them up on this site as soon as possible, okay?

* NT (Jul 17, 2015 05:26)

You typed sm24514665 twice in . So I picked up only two.

Thanks for the headsup. We're going to post an entry for her birthday as soon as possible.

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