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Dec 15, 2015 Visitor's request

* Visitor's request

Thank you for your request as usual, californiawalt!

* A Voice MAD feat. Sachiko and more

A Voice MAD feat. Sachiko and more

A Voice MAD feat. Sachiko and more (01:12)

2015-03-23 Posted
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* CANDY ISLAND with KOSHIMIZU Sachiko "Heart Voice"

Sorry, sm27594345 was deleted.

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* californiawalt (Dec 23, 2015 01:04)

I would like to request five more vids before year's end: sm24556613, sm24598116, sm24665359, sm24678865, and sm24726341. Also remember Yukiho and a Cinderella Girl share a birthday in two days from now. BTW, have you heard of another Kakutail Party series special from Nico Nico lately? Anyway, merry christmas, everyone!

* NT (Dec 31, 2015 22:14)

I'm sorry I'm late.
sm24556613 seems not to be a Nicom@s video and sm24598116 was already deleted. The others will be picked up soon.

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