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THE iDOLM@STER MAD World Service [mayP]


  • Jul 11, 2008#p02 HAPPY DANCE - haruka last day -
  • Nov 13, 2008#p02 Bon Jovi "Have a Nice Day!" feat. Miki, Haruka and Yukiho by mayP
  • Dec 27, 2008#p03 THE ALFEE "A.D.1999" feat. Yukiho by MayP
  • Apr 05, 2009#p02 Ulfuls "Waraereba(If Laughing with Her)" feat. Haruka and Chihaya by MayP
  • May 05, 2009#p02 "Memory of Us -ver.arisue '09 edition-" by MayP
  • May 22, 2009#p02 Mr. Children(covered by amu) "Sign" by MayP
  • Oct 26, 2009#p01 Mr. Children(covered by IKKI and amu) "Boku-to Kanojo-no Houki-Boshi(My and Her Comet)" Feat. Makoto and Yukiho by MayP
  • Mar 06, 2010#p02 AMAMI Haruka, HAGIWARA Yukiho and HOSHII Miki "shiny smile -EDITED-" by MayP
  • Apr 12, 2010#p02 Chitose Hajime "Kono Machi(This Town)" feat. Chihaya by MayP