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THE iDOLM@STER MAD World Service [shushoP]


  • Feb 09, 2010#p03 Coco d’Or Parfait "Avalon" feat. Miki by ShushoP
  • Jun 28, 2010#p03 All That Jazz feat.COSMiC HOME "Tonarino Totoro(My Neighbor Totoro)(Jazz arr.)" feat. Miki and Mami by ShushoP
  • Oct 13, 2011#p03 Limahl "The Never Ending Story" feat. Chihaya by ShushoP
  • Jan 03, 2012#p02 ROCO "Beautiful Name" feat. Yayoi, Ami, Mami, Hibiki and Iori by ShushoP
  • Feb 07, 2013#p04 Scott Murphy "Grandfather's Clock" feat. Ami by ShushoP