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Feb 01, 2007 History, February 2007

* February 2007

tUNAK M@ster is posted. An Indian song "Tunak Tunak Tun" is used with the "Mahou wo Kakete" dance.

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* tUNAK M@ster (THE iDOLM@STER:indian version)

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* THE IDOLM@STER アイドルマスター とかちつくちて ソロ

On the same month, two movies were posted. "Agent Yoru wo Yuku " and "relations" by Ami and Mami became greatly popular.

Lisping and enka-like singing is called "Loli-Enka". A lot of blogs and "personal news websites picked up these movies."

Tokachi-tsukuchite solo

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* THE IDOLM@STER アイドルマスター とかちラーメン大盛り 〜望みの限りに〜

Tokachi ramen ohmori -bow to desire-

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* THE IDOLM@STER アイドルマスター ロリ演歌(relations) by 亜美@とかち

Loli-Enka(relations) by Ami@Tokachi

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They became representative movies during the beta testing of Nico Nico Douga, and were called "Heroes of the beta era."

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* アイドルマスター 貧乏やよいと給食費 [ニコニコ動画](オンナスキーP)

OnnasukiP(オンナスキーP) appeared and posted "iDOLM@STER Yayoi Mojipittan." The song is from "YOUR SONG", a tribute album by iM@s characters. This highly synchronized movie became target for iM@S MAD creators.

He also posted some movies.

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* アイマスPV 亜美・真・千早 エージェント〜とかちつくちて〜(オンナスキーP)

(Original Nico Nico Douga video was deleted)

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* At the same time, kuraudo(蔵人P), who is well known on Peercast and also the creator of the visual novel game "Kitami he"(北見へ), began to make iM@S promotional video.

* Nico Nico Douga ends beta testing on the 24th of February. iM@S movies were spreading through personal websites and lead to a boom of iM@S MADs.

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