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Jun 29, 2008 FAQ

* General

Q: What kind of movies are these?

A: These are MAD movies made using videos from the game iDOLM@STER. A MAD movie is a Japanese fan-made video, known elsewhere as Anime Music Videos (AMV).

Q: What platform(s) does IDOLM@STER run on?

A: Xbox 360 and soon PSP! Unfortunately, it's a Japan-only game. There is an arcade version, but it's rare to see it overseas.

Q: Will there ever be an English version?

A: Probably not. Namco(-Bandai) has no plans to sell this overseas. Perhaps it's because of certain sensational scenes...

Q: Is this the game where players can let idols sing songs?

A: I guess you can say so. In the original version of this game, a music video is an added bonus along the main story. In the latest title "Live For You! (abbr. L4U)", the music is the central part of the game. Players can watch or cheer for the live show.

Q: How many titles are there in the series?

A: There are six titles. The initial title (the arcade version), the Xbox 360 version (referred here on as the no-mark version), Live for You! which is a rhythm game spin-off for the Xbox 360, and SP; three iDOLM@STER games for the PSP.

Q: Which version should I buy?

A: If you understand Japanese, feel free to buy either the no-mark version or L4U. If you don't, you can still enjoy L4U. It requires minimal if not no Japanese knowledge to enjoy. If you want to play the arcade version, you'd need to travel overseas sign up, and line up to enjoy the whole game. Either that or you can buy an arcade system for private use, but we wouldn't recommend that. The PSP is region free, but will still require Japanese knowledge to fully enjoy it.

Q: Which version contain the scenes where the player can touch the idol's breasts?

A: The no-mark version and the PSP version. You can only do this during the promotion part (communication part).

Q: Can I let the idols sing my favorite songs?

A: Well, if your favorite songs are the 16 songs included in the game, then yes. Otherwise, no, you're only limited to the 16 songs included. However, in L4U, songs are added through downloadable content (abbr. DLC). The songs that the idols sing are songs made by the producer.

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* For no-mark version (Xbox 360)

Q: What's The IDOLM@STER about?

A: In this game, the player takes the role of a producer (abbr. P). The producer takes the job of developing, promoting, and communicating with the idols.

Q: What should I do to develop the idols?

A: You can choose, at most, three candidates for an idol. You can let them have lessons, make promotions, and let them take auditions. In the lesson mode, you play various mini-games. The audition is a competition against other producers. If you connect to "Xbox LIVE", you can compete against online players.

Q: Of course, I can touch the all the idols breasts! Right, right!?

A: Be cool, brother. :) You can touch each idol's breasts and get a response from each. However, it would be the smartest choice not to do this, since it may cause penalties.

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* SteelGolem (Nov 25, 2008 19:13)

you're missing info on the new psp releases, which as i understand it are region-free. please get some info up! 961 production ftw!

* Tokome (Nov 21, 2009 02:13)

Don't foget the new Dearly Stars game for DS. 876 Productions shouldn't be missed!

* Miyuki (Aug 28, 2010 15:07)

You are missing the Dearly Stars game for the DS and the new Idolm@ster (the Idolm@ster 2) that will be released in 2011.

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