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Jul 23, 2008 Pickups

* capsule: Sound Of Silence feat. Yukiho by b.o.s.P

アイドルマスター capsule「Sound Of Silence」

アイドルマスター capsule「Sound Of Silence」 (03:14)

2008-07-21 Posted
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* Haruka's Wireless Cosmic by YuuyuuP

アイドルマスター 春香 「Wireless Cosmic」

アイドルマスター 春香 「Wireless Cosmic」 (02:36)

2008-03-05 Posted
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Haruka-san ha kawaii.

* LOVE REVOLUTION by ippatsuyaP

アイドルマスター LOVE REVOLUTION/大江千里

アイドルマスター LOVE REVOLUTION/大江千里 (03:30)

2007-08-31 Posted
174 Mylists

Our revolutions!

* Hapi(star)M@s Happy Material by keiP

アイドルマスター 「はぴ☆M@S」

アイドルマスター 「はぴ☆M@S」 (01:35)

2007-11-24 Posted
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* Magician Roulette by okurayama-tamezouP

Sorry, sm1566425 was deleted.

* IDOLMASTER will be released on PSP in this winter!!

Description of the image

Picture of Famitsu's article(Japanese)

Those titles are called "Perfect Sun","Missing Moon", and "Wondering Star", that is to say, NamcoBandai releases 3 idolmaster softwares on Play Station Portable. Mamma mia. And what is more important, it is possible that they sell them also all over the world.

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* Maikeru (Jul 23, 2008 12:57)

Wow, honto? A PSP version? Because I do not have a japanese Xbox 360 (I live in Australia), I can not play original IdolMaster, but I love the game concept so much... And the girls are so cute!
But I can play it on my PSP! YES!!!
BTW. This is a great site! There are so many iM@S MAD videos, it is hard to find the best ones...

* Harukasan (Jul 23, 2008 13:36)

Hello Maikeru! Thanks for the comment.

Franklly speaking, yes, actually even in Japan there are lots of things which have not shown yet about this new idolmaster series, rather Namco doesn't say nothing in this moment.

But at least, thanks to PSP, you can play idolmaster without being bothered by region code!

* Benpc91 (Jul 23, 2008 18:00)

Ha, glad to see Idolmaster's going on a region-free system.
Plus, this gives us another chance to bug Namco-Bandai US to localize it!

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