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Aug 11, 2008 Pickups

* G'sHeart "Synthesized idol's Heart" by shigureP

Sorry, sm4247803 was deleted.

G'sHeart is unit of duo or trio which has an image of "Girls POP". ShigureP will produce them at random time.

* Vernal rocket by kuro(C)P

Sorry, sm4223991 was deleted.

Kuro(C)P has returned to the Nico Nico Douga. Please enjoy his/her synchronised dance.

* Makoto's Bomb a head! by norisukeP

Sorry, sm3186597 was deleted. The afro's hairpiece,is nemed "bomb a head", is the first given accessory by producer(gameuser).

* Haruka 100.0% by shimejiP

Sorry, sm4175845 was deleted. The ingredient of Haruka in this MAD is 100.0%.

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