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Nov 04, 2008 Pickups

* "Project.VA -amAmi-"

【MAD】 アイドルマスター Project.VA -amAmi-

【MAD】 アイドルマスター Project.VA -amAmi- (02:20)

2008-11-04 Posted
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This is the latest work of Project.VA by Deadblue238P. He/She is a famous producer to use overconcentrated effects. I think that he/she has reached a ultimate position in the area, and wonder where he/she will go.

* "Voice" featuring Chihaya by wakamuraP

Sorry, sm5143969 was deleted.

What a nice day it is, today! WakamuraP also has just released his newest MAD movie futuring Chihaya. He said that he had tried to show Chihaya as cool as possible, and I believe that he did it successfully.

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